Team Melkko-Soronen Racing Stable runs its business in Heby, Sweden. Year 2020 was our best year ever. Our horses earned pricemoney 1,0 million euros.

Contact us

Are you intrested in buying a horse or to put your horse in our stable? To find out more about our please contact us.

Katja Melkko, phone: 00 46 70 781 1441

Janne Soronen, phone: 00 46 76 209 1141

Media & administration:

Kaj Närhinen , phone: 0046 72 531 0642, mail: [email protected]

About us

Team Melkko-Soronen was created by Katja Melkko and Janne Soronen in Finland in the beginning of 2000-century. Since 2020 runs Team Melkko-Soronen training business at Julmyra Horse Center in Sweden, located 100 km north west at Stockholm.

We have wan Paralympia-race with Elian Web 2020 and Elian Web has participate two times (2017 & 2020) at Elitloppet.

Please contact us for more information.